Tibet-Nepal Tours

Nepal to Tibet overland tours become more and more popular because of the unique charms of these two neighboring destinations; also thanks for many cheap direct international flights to Kathmandu, many tourists find more easy to travel to Tibet from Nepal. Besides, the city of Kathmandu is only 120 KM away from border of Tibet by land, thus Nepal to Tibet overland tours are the most popular way that the majority of tourists choose to travel to Tibet from Nepal.

13 Days Kathmandu, Lhasa, Xi’an and Beijing Train Tour

Destinations: Kathmandu-Everest Base Camp-Sakya-Shigatse-Gyantse-Lhasa-Xian-Beijing
The trip is from Kathmandu Nepal. Firstly drive along Sino-Nepal Friendship Highway to Lhasa, and visit Tibet highlights on the way in Sakya, Gyantse and Shigatse. Finall..