Mount Everest Base Camp Tour

Everest Base Camp has two base camps on opposite sides of Mount Everest South Base. One is in Nepal at an altitude of 5,364 metres (17,598 ft) , and the other is in Tibet at 5,150 metres (16,900 ft). Everest is more than a mountain and a trekking journey to its base camp. Along a route depicted by some as "the steps to heaven," every bend in the trail provides another photo opportunity – beautiful forests, Sherpa villages, glacial moraines, and foothills. For active adventurers who are not afraid to pant their way up to the mountain, our Everest Base Camp tour will bring you close to local cultures before opening a window to the top of the world.

7 Days Adventure Tour to Everest Base Camp

Destinations: Lhasa-Gyantse-shigatse- Everest Base Camp-Lhasa
Lhasa & Everest tour are the most popular tour in Tibet. If you only have one week to spend in Tibet, this is a reasonable schedule to visit Everest base camp. This t..
Tibet Mount Everest

8 Days Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Small Group Tour

Destinations: Lhasa / Gyantse / Shigatse / Everest / Lhasa
This is our best-selling tour package among all group tours because it not only has covered all the most important and recommended attractions in Tibet, but also has alwa..

9 Days Lhasa to Everest Base Camp in-depth Tour

Destinations: Lhasa-Gyantse-Sakya-Everest Base Camp-Shigatse-Lhasa
Tourists will be accompanied by famous Palaces, temples, monasteries, Everest base camp and beautiful landscapes, such as the great Potala palace, Jokhang temple, Drepung..

9 Days Culture Tour to Everest Base Camp

Destinations: Lhasa - Gyangtse - Shigatse - Sagya - Mt.Everest - Shigatse - Lhasa
This tour is based on the most popular travel route of Mt. Everest. In addition to some must-see attractions, like Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse and Mount Everest, we intend t..

10 Days Himalaya Mountain Adventure Tour

Destinations: Lhasa-Shigatse-Gyangtse-EBC-Cho Oyu Base Camp-Lhasa
This 10 days Himalaya mountain Expedition tour for those who want to have an off-the-beaten path and explore parts of the Himalaya fewer people can see. Along this journe..

10 Days Nature Discover Tour in Tibet

Destinations: Lhasa - Lake Namtso - Lhasa - Shigatse - EBC - Shigatse - Lhasa
This tour is one of the perfect ways for a taste of the utmost beauty Tibet can offer. It includes the major sights in Lhasa, Gyantse and Shigatse plus a visit to the hol..

10 Days Central Tibet Best Tour with Everest Base Camp

Destinations: Lhasa-Tsedang - Yamgdrok Lake - Gyantse - Shigatse - Sakya - EBC - Shigatse - Lhasa
This adventure tour for Mt. Everest deals with the essence of Tibetan landscapes and ethic folklore, including most of the major sights in Tibet. Lhasa is the main politi..

11 Days Tibet Best Tour with EBC

Destinations: Lhasa - Shigatse- EBC- Lhasa - Nyingchi-Lhasa
This tour includes all the main attractions of east, middle and west of Tibet, and gives tourists a panoramic view of forests, glaciers, rivers and lakes and help tourist..