Yunnan Tibet Tours

Yunnan-Tibet Highway, also called Dian-Zang Road (Dian is the abbreviation for Yunnan Province, Zang is the abbreviation for Tibet), is the fourth trunk line from hinterland to Tibet. This highway is famed as charming and graceful travel. Yunan-Tibet Highway was opened to traffic in 1974. It starts from Xiaguan of Yunnan in the south, traverses  Jianchuan, Zhongdian and Deqin to Mangkang of Tibet and covers a distance of 714 km. It joins the south part of Sichuan-Tibet Road in the north. The whole road runs through the China-Burma Basin and the Hengduan Mountain Range with the highest point - the pass of Hongla Mountain at 4,300 meters above sea level. The road leads through spectacular landscape, with thick forests and mild and humid climate on the way. As the Hengduan Mountain Range is cut by Lancang River and Jinsha River with many high mountains and deep valleys, and the road goes up and down in elevations through the mountains and valleys, you can experience different kinds of climates and landscapes on the way.