Comai County Attractions

▪ Zhegu Lake(哲古湖):There are more than 22 lakes in Comai County, among which Zhegu Lake is the largest one which is located 60 km away from Zhegu Town with an elevation of 4600 meters. It belongs to the inward flowing river whose water source is mainly from the ice and snow melt water.

▪ Zhegu Grassland(哲古草原) is located 50 kilometers northeast of Comai County with an average elevation of 4600 meters, which is the pure pastoral area of Lhoka Prefecture.

▪ Qiala Tuoqang Snow Mountain(恰拉脱岗雪山): It is located in Qiaza Village, Naixi Township, the southwest of Comai County with an elevation of 6785 meters of the highest peak.

▪ Guru Lacuo(古如拉错): There is a sacred lake near Qiala Tuoqang Snow Mountain(恰拉脱岗雪山) which is called Guru Lacuo(古如拉错) meaning the spiritual lake of Buddha padmasambhava. Legend has it that if you worship the lake, you can see your past life. The lake can only arrive on horseback or on foot.

▪ Shiwai Taoyuan(世外桃源): There is a secluded area not far from the village of Naixi Village which is surrounded by snow mountains and a holy lake called Yongcuo Lake(雍措).

Cultural relics of Comai County

▪ Gatang Bangba Pagoda(噶唐蚌巴奇塔)is located at 3.8 km southeast of Comai County, which is about 4010 meters above sea level.

▪ Dangxu Monastery(当许寺)is located on the Banks of Dangxu River(当许河) in the south of Comai County, 4200 meters above sea level.

▪ Mowujue Monastery(莫吾觉寺)is located on the east side of Comai County at an altitude of 5,000 meters, which has a history of hundreds of years. It is a famous monastery of Nyingma sect.

▪ Mawujue Monastery(玛悟觉寺)is located in the northeast of Comai County, on the mountainside of Mawujue(玛悟觉山腰)with an altitude of 4,500 meters. It has a history of more than 1,000 years.

▪ Naixi Monastery(乃西寺)is located 15 kilometers away from Comai County, which is 3,800 meters above sea level.

▪ Lasha Duoren Altar(拉莎朵仁祭坛)is located about 5 km southeast of Zhazha Village(扎扎村), Comai County. In Tibetan language it means the "sacred feldspar".

▪ Lasha Duoren Tombs(拉莎朵仁墓群): Beside Lasha Duoren Altar(拉莎朵仁祭坛), there is a small patch of cemetery which is considered as the early burial for Tubo Regime(吐蕃)after excavations.

▪ Dangxu Castle Ruins(当许古堡遗址): It is really similar to the Tsaparang ruins(古格遗址)in Zanda County(札达县), Ngari Prefecture(阿里地区), which is located in Comai County.

▪ Dangbazong Ruins(当巴宗遗址): Located in Dangba Village(当巴村), Comai County, Dangbazong Ruins was built in the 13th century.