Qonggyai County Shopping

In Lhoka Qonggyai County, you can find many traditional and local handicrafts such as Tibetan knives and Tibetan carpets as well as gold, silver, and copper wares. Clothing, handicrafts, religious vessels, carpets, knives, and many other commodities are sold in the county. Tourists can purchase some rings, earrings, decorations, knives, chopsticks, pots, and bowls as souvenirs. Mineral resources include mainly crystal stone, jade, chromium and iron. 

Highland barley wine(青稞酒): Made from the highland barley, the main food produced in Tibet, Highland barley wine (also called Chiang in Tibet) is the wine favorite to Tibetan people and is a necessary part at festivals, marriage feasts and on some other important occasions.

Highland barley(青稞): is the most important grain crop for the Tibetan people. It has a long history of cultivation and a large planting area in Tibet. Barley seeds are rich in nutrition, protein content of up to 15%.

Tibetan knife(藏刀): is the essential thing of local people which can be used to cut meat, protect themselves and as decoration. The most famous Tibetan knife belongs to the Gongbu Knife and Lazi knife for its silver scabbard and exquisite carving detail. It’s easy for tourists who are interested in Tibetan knife to get one in shop or stall.  

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