The Potala Palace Festivals and Activities

There are many different Tibetan festivals and events. Tibetan New Year, the Shoton Festival and the Thangka Festival, when a giant Buddha painting is unfurled, are the highlights. Other festivals are associated with Buddhist monasteries and local traditions and customs. This is a grand Dance Festival held at Potala Palace, here we introduce it for you.

Tiaoshen Festival

On the 29th day of December in the Tibetan calendar, there is a grand Dance festival held at the Potala Palace in Lhasa. At this time, most of the residents of Lhasa are out with their family. Most of the activities preformed in the festival narrates the Buddhist spirit and the magic Lama, as well as animals, ghosts and other stories of Buddhist Dharma. On this day, all monasteries around the region will hold a grand jumping activity. They believe that the New Year is coming, so must exorcise the ghost to eliminate the disaster, in order to make a year of peace and good luck.

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