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Mysterious Tibet is a subsidiary corporation of Trans-Asia Discovery International Travel Service (云南亚索国际旅行社有限公司/亚索旅业), a professional online travel agency with a history of 14 years in China. We are specialized in offering classic China Tibet tours,  Tibetan culture tours, Yunnan Tibet Tours and some other theme tours to all people who are going to enjoy the fabulous sceneries of this wonderland and discover the mysterious Tibetan Buddhism as well as the ethnic groups in Tibet. We will meet your specific needs by customizing private tours for you. In addition, our professional customer-service representatives are dedicated & scrupulous and they are so clear about how to explore Tibet in a best way. We are here to help you to start your trip in Tibet and welcome to Tibet! Read More..

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My Tibet Train Tour along Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Crazy Jone

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[The words before starting my journey] On August4, 2016, I reserve a travel journal for myself, I said, I plan to Tibet Before I set out, I typed these words I just heard of the place, but I’ve neve...