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As one of the most professional travel agencies established in Tibet,MysteriousTibet.com is the leading online travel service platform operated by Yunnan Adventure Travel Co.Ltd, headquartered in Kunming with an office in Lhasa, Tibet. MysteriousTibet.com has over 15 years experience leading and organizing tours into Tibet, Yunnan,Nepal and China. We have both registered companies in Yunnan and Tibet. We are specialized in tailor-made Tibet tours on the whole Tibetan plateau,Yunnan,Qinghai,Xinjiang,Sichuan and Nepal, based on the needs and abilities of our clients, and to explore Tibet on more personal level. This is why most of our travelers are repeat travelers or direct referrals from our previous clients. Foreign travelers are not allowed to travel independently in Tibet according to the policy of the government of China. Your visit must be arranged by a travel agency whether you travel in a group or individually. MysteriousTibet.com is a full service tour operator, with a full Chinese government-issued license to operate in Tibet. We are uniquely qualified to help you plan your perfect trip to Tibet."" Read More..

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